Spirit Lake Cottage

A Restorative Escape

Sometimes in life, you just need a boost. Someone that says hello, how can I help? Someone that takes your 300 text messages and emails with patience and care… I’ve been through a lot in the last few years, a gift of a kidney transplant and surviving Covid left me feeling like my life and cottage just needed a complete change. I saw an Instagram post of Sophie’s talent and I knew instantly that she was the one to help me move forward. Hello, is the perfect beginning to her emails. She added so many touches through my cottage that I would’ve never thought of. She also was very patient to let me add a few of my own ideas. If you’re considering a designer, I suggest interviewing Sophie - someone with the energy, the experience and the care to follow through. SHE WILL HAVE YOU AT HELLO! The best thing of all was her little 🙏🏻 at the end of every text or email… God knows I needed those
Mary Lynn

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