No. 59

Mr & Mrs Monro and their 3 young boys.

When we moved into our house the living room in the basement was still being finished and at that point we had run out of ideas, money and energy so the floor was laid and it was painted white. 6 years passed and we just hadn’t figured out how to make it a cosy and liveable space. The longer we kept it as it was the less I could see where to go with it! Sophie came and immediately identified what needed to happen! Sophie was able to beautify the room despite having to keep much of the original furniture and work around my ideas and pre bought crazy wallpaper! It was a true collaboration and Sophie was able to navigate my choices and be flexible despite it probably making things much more difficult for her! I would love her to beautify every corner of my home! Next time I’ll be giving her full control!
Phoebe Monro

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Charlotte Hills and her twin daughters, Eve and Juliet